Jewelry Repair NYC

We have all been there.  A stone is loose in your favorite ring, but you have not had time to find someone who treats repairs with the same care and attention that the original craftsman put into it.  If you have a piece of jewelry that needs restoration, you can bring or ship it to us. We do expert jewelry repair.
When purchasing your next piece of antique or vintage fine jewelry, you want to ensure that it will continue to withstand the test of time. That's why Prather Beeland strives to be the reputable jeweler for all your repair needs.

Jewelry Repair in New York

At Prather Beeland, we are able to repair nearly every piece of antique and vintage jewelry in need from your collection. We work with dealers of diamonds, pearls, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and even synthetic stones to find just what you need. We have a variety of bench jewelers who can repair any damage to the setting or piece whether silver, gold, or platinum. We also use laser jewelers who can perform repairs bench jeweler cannot, usually needed for delicate repairs when heat cannot be used.


Common Questions

Can a jeweler fix a broken gold chain?
Yes, gold chains can be repaired by bench jewelers using a variety of techniques. This is typically an easy fix.
Can a jeweler fix a broken ring prong?
If your ring has a broken prong, it should be fixed immediately! Depending on the piece, a bench jeweler or jeweler who specializes in laser repairs will be able to fix it without issue.
Can a ring prong be fixed before it breaks?
The repair of a ring prong before it completely breaks off is always best. After a prong repair or replacement, the jeweler will always make sure the remaining prongs are strong and in good condition. We want to make sure all stones are secure.
Can a jeweler fix a broken gold bracelet?
Depending upon the extent of damage, like most repairs, anything is possible. Links can be fixed, dents can be removed, and replacement pieces can be made to blend in seamlessly. Oftentimes it is a bracelet clasp that breaks from wear and use over time. Clasps can be repaired or replaced so you can wear your bracelet worry free!
How do you know if a jewelry repair is reputable?
Not all jewelers are created equal and price is not always an indicator of skill. At Prather Beeland we take pride in being your preferred jeweler and ability to provide for all your antique and vintage jewelry repair needs. We bring pieces to the jewelers directly and discuss each and every repair in person. Bringing your items to one of the largest jewelry districts in the world means the talent and knowledge of the craftsmen is unmatched and our years of experience have given us the connections to work with those we know are the best of the best.

Fully Insured: Your Items Are in Safe Hands.

While your beloved jewelry is in the hands of Prather Beeland, you can rest assured that they are being cared for. We insure jewelry in our possession and also cover any shipping insurance when returning a client's jewelry. Customers only need to cover insurance when shipping their jewelry to us.